Justin Garner is an emerging singer-songwriter, artist, and performer. Armored with musical talent and business acumen, Justin has used his marketing background to distinguish himself as a well-versed artist. The singer’s style is most easily categorized in the pop and R&B realms, but he often pulls influence from other genres such as pop, rock, soul, and country. 

Hailing from Plaquemine, LA, he has taken his talents across the globe on television, online, and onstage. In 2014, he was the breakout star and first winner of MTV’s television show Copycat. Online, he’s garnered millions of views by both covering hit singles by Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, and Rihanna, and premiering new, innovative music on his coveted YouTube channel. Adding to his global reach, Garner debuted his music internationally and charted at #1 on iTunes Japan R&B/Soul charts for his 2014 album, I AM. 

In addition to his television and online presence, he’s reached newfound fans by taking his work into physical space performing for numerous audiences domestically. Opening up for notable acts such as Trey Songz, Big Sean, Fantasia, and Keri Hilson, serve as significant marks on his already lengthy resume. 

Releasing a steady stream of music keeps Garner’s eager listeners and supporters engaged. To date, he has released three full-length albums: Love Passion Fury (2016), We Only Have Forever (2015), and I AM (2014). Armored with an impressive discography, his 2017 EP, Into the Wild, showcased his unique genre-defying diversity and vocal range. That project was as vast as it was inspiring. Each song had its own identity, yet the consistent through line made the EP feel cohesive and bonded.