Justin Garner

It's important for you to understand who you are. It sounds cliche' but there's more to it than you might think. In life, always remember that you are worth more than gold. Men, you are all champions. Women, you are all beautiful. Here are some things we can do to ensure we never forget who we are:

  • Identify your real friends and keep them close
  • Never compromise yourself for others
  • Always know that you are more than enough

I'm so blessed to have friends and family that keep me grounded. I've had the same friends basically all of my life and they've all been there for me during every aspect of my growth. They know the real me. The Justin that began in the church choir at age 10. The Justin that's obsessed with WWE. The Justin that is actually quiet and sometimes shy. 

It's important to recognize who's really in your corner and wants the best for you. Drake said it best in DJ Khaled's record "No New Friends". With fame comes adoration from people who only know you from the product you're presenting to them. They haven't had the opportunity to sit with you and have a conversation based on your likes, dislikes and what makes you who you are. Be able to decipher true friendship versus adoration.

Never change who you are to please someone. Here's the #1 thing I want you to take away from this: You can't please everyone. No matter how successful you become or how much you give to help others, someone will always have something negative to say about it. Here's what to keep in focus when you experience this: Do you, be yourself and focus on why you're doing it.

Only you know your intentions when carrying out a certain task or goal. It's not up for others to understand it. You will have people who will discuss you, and talk about you as if they have your exact genetic makeup, but ignore it. People often like to join groups of other people with similar beliefs and use extreme methods to get their ideas across. I guess they view it as strength in numbers but always remember the power of one is all that is needed.

Which leads to this final note, you are more than enough. As flawed as I am, since an early age I have always understood that I am more than enough for anybody to love and accept. Women often seek validation from what's beautiful by what they see on television and in magazine ads. True beauty emanates from within one's soul. Although beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, beauty isn't just something that's visual. Beauty can be felt. A beautiful soul can change the dynamic of any situation, and create an ambiance of love.

Men, despite the complexities of understanding women, always remember we are enough. Never lose yourself in the process of trying to please anyone else. Now I'm not saying not to change certain qualities that aren't becoming of a man, but I am saying to remember who you are as a person. Think about all of those conversations with your mother/father about the duties of a man. Try to recount those life lessons from the past and apply them to where you are now in life. Understand that a man's role is to lead. Never allow anyone to make you feel as though that isn't your duty.

I wrote this post to give a everyone a chance to better understand me, as a person. As I close, I want to share this conversation with you. I was speaking with someone in the entertainment industry and this is how it went:

Them: Justin, I must say, I love your music. Surprisingly, you are so humble.
Me: Thank you! Why is it surprising? I just love to make music.
Them: Well usually, every pop artist has a cockiness about them.
Me: *laughs" Well, I'm not every other pop artist.