Is This Real Life!?


Last night, at a private album release party, we celebrated the fact that my album is featured on iTunes New Music Pop! It felt great to enjoy this moment with close family, friends and all that helped make We Only Have Forever a success. To be an up & coming artist and be featured on iTunes in the Pop genre is a huge honor and is typically reserved for major recording acts. Somehow, some way I've joined the likes of some of the biggest names in music (Taylor Swift, One Direction) with my new album.

Here's the thing. I have plenty of music out. If you google my name, you'll find music dating back from 2010 (maybe even earlier). Before creating this body of work, I asked myself: why is this album necessary? After winning MTV's Copycat singing another artist's song, I wanted the world to get to know me. I'm no 'Copycat'. All of my music is written and vocally produced by yours truly and it was time for the world to learn about me and my artistry.

Let me say this, this has been the biggest album release I've ever had. Fans are loving all of the songs and lyrical content. Ironically, I was very hesitant about getting too personal with this body of work. After the big win, my life changed. Personally, musically and spiritually, everything was elevated to another level. The songs on We Only Have Forever represent that change.

I put my all into this album and I am so happy my music is finally receiving the attention it deserves. This Sunday at the my official album release concert, I will put on one of the greatest shows my city has ever seen. We Only Have be great!