5 Things I've Learned To Help Achieve Your Goals


People always ask me, "how did you get to where you are now?" That's a hard question to answer really. There are so many different factors and experiences that have led to me becoming the man I am today. Here are 5 things I've learned on this music journey that should be able to help anyone chasing their dreams.

1. Be consistent. If you have a certain goal, don't renege or hold back from pursuing it if it seems to hard to reach. Everyday, you should be doing something to further your dream. Also, don't modify your dream. If your dream is to become the #1 actor/actress in Hollywood, don't settle for being #3 or #4. I promise you'll reach your goal but you must remain consistent.

2. No one will work as hard as you, for you. At the end of the day, you are the only one who is fascinated with your dream. To you, it's all you can think about it. It drives you. Don't expect anyone else to fully understand that. Work as hard as you possibly can. Ask for help when needed, but don't depend on anyone to do it for you.

3. Never stop learning. Learn all that you can about how to reach your goal. Read, research and absorb all information available that can assist you with attaining your dream.

4. Make your dream, your priority. Don't putt off what you could be doing to achieve your goal. Never say, "Oh, I'll do this tomorrow." Tomorrow becomes next week. Next week becomes next month. Next month becomes next year. Next year becomes never. 

5. Give all of yourself for your dream. Pour all of your energy into your dream. You get back what you put in. Remain positive while you work towards your goals.