I'm trying to hurry and write this because I didn't want to forget. I had the most hilarious dream! It all started with me having a business lunch with Jennifer Hudson. We were discussing the direction of her new album lol! We were eating at The Cabin (which is actually a great seafood restaurant in Darrow, LA) and it was about seven of us, consisting of members of both of our teams.


Now this is all so random because this dream was just so out of the blue. We talked about her featuring on one of my songs but I can't remember which one!!!?? Note to self: I need to remember this ASAP. Her manager and my manager began a sidebar conversation. What's so funny about this is that I wish I could've seen who my manager actually was lol!

After discussing music, business and Louisiana life, the waiter brought the check. Jennifer looked at me and said," You picking up the ticket mister?" What makes this so funny is how she said this as though she was talking to the character Mister from the movie The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete. I looked at the check and it was almost $1,000!  

I looked at JHud and said,"You're the one with the Oscar here. I think your team can catch this one." 

LOL! #random