5 Rumors I've Heard About Myself

I often have to remind myself that I signed up for this on my own free will. Being an artist, comes with a ton of unnecessary attention. I have to get used to this if I plan on having longevity in this business (i.e. TMZ, MediaTakeOut, etc.). With this blog post, I want to have fun with 5 rumors that I've heard about myself. I find this to be absolutely hilarious, given how completely false these statements are. After speaking with a friend yesterday, these rumors are really out there lol! Let's put them to rest lmao!

  1. I spend my weekends, buying out the bars in town - Anybody that even vaguely knows me is probably ROTFL right now!
  2. I'm married and keep my wife hidden from social media because I'm an artist - I've heard this one at least three times from different people. Ya'll I am not married. Have never been married. LOL!
  3. I have a child on the way with another woman, in addition to being married - What's crazy is that I know where this originated from. I don't have any children. 
  4. Renowned blues musician Larry Garner is really my father - I get this one a lot during press interviews. Larry Garner is a close friend of the family and also a mentor to me. He is from Plaquemine also! Read about him on Wikipedia.
  5. "Reach Out" is about (Insert random name of a girl I don't know) - Everyone seems to think this song is about someone in particular. It's really not. And the names I've heard that it may be about are way off LOL!