So what does one do after releasing an iTunes best-selling album and performing a killer show at House of Blues Sunset Strip? The answer is quite simple. Enjoy life, continue to grow musically and give back.

I often find myself going from one project to next, rarely taking a moment to enjoy the fruits of my labor. This time, I want to take a moment to stop and smell the roses so to speak. With my previous show at House of Blues in West Hollywood, I made it a point to head over to the coast and enjoy Malibu. It felt so good to not have to worry about the hustle and bustle for a change. Of course, while relaxing, my mind raced with even more creative music ideas.

I am slated to head back into the studio within the coming days with some incredible producers and even songwriters this time around. I want to continue to grow musically. We’re taking everything to another level production-wise. I plan to dive into even more personal territory lyrically and push my vocals to the max. With every project there is a specific goal and purpose. I can’t wait the reveal the inspiration behind what’s to come.

Of course there are some upcoming dates to see me live in concert. Here’s the thing, I never do the same type of event twice. I’m always looking to provide a unique concert experience each performance. So just know that what’s coming is huge! *Hint: NYC + L.A. + UK

As you may have noticed on Instagram and Facebook, I’ve been teasing my partnership with Dreams Come True of Louisiana to provide dreams to local area children with life-threatening illnesses. I plan to make a significant impact through this special opportunity to give back with this awesome non-profit organization.

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