Album Title

In case you missed the major album title reveal this weekend (and the obvious handwritten text above), my new album We Only Have Forever is coming this fall and it's freakin' big! So big, that there will be an exclusive deluxe edition of the album (retailer to be announced soon) and more! Can you believe that with all the music I've released, this is my second full-length cohesive album, excluding my EPs and free releases? I'm beyond excited and I know you'll love this special offering.

In all honesty, I found myself while writing and recording this album. A lot has happened this year in my career, in love and life. This project will tell the story of my heart with moving lyrics and vocals I've never delivered til now. Musically, there are songs on the album that travel in a pop soul direction. The album also includes emotional and vulnerable ballads, and even bass heavy club bangers sure to blow your speakers out.

As a man, there's so much I haven't said in my music. There were sounds that were deemed too risky for me in the past but now that I'm on cloud 9 and feeling unstoppable, I want to follow my heart. If you're wondering about the meaning of the album title sit tight, as I will explain the concept in a very interesting way. 

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