You're a Legend Baby...


There comes a point in which an artist finds oneself. After winning MTV's Copycat, a singing competition show based on sounding like someone else, I felt it was time for the world to truly get to know me. I have a #1 album in Japan, so many great accomplishments and now I want to create music straight from the heart, on my terms. My single "Legend" defines me and my sound. 

I remember creating this track with Tic Toc (music producer) and the discussion we had prior to recording the song. I wanted to create something that doesn't sound like anything on the radio and showcases the soul in my voice. When I'm on stage, I get to sing in my rawest form, with live musicians and absorbing the energy of my audience. I wanted to harness that same type of energy for this single.

He took out his guitar and I grabbed some drum sticks. He played this really hot guitar riff and I began a drum cadence on the wood floor of the studio. The rest was history! Be sure to grab "Legend" on iTunes Tuesday, Sept. 16!