Baton Rouge-area native knocked Beyonce out of No. 1 spot on iTunes charts in Japan

Baton Rouge-area native Justin Garner can honestly say he knocked Beyonce out of a No. 1 spot on iTunes music charts. That spot was, however, was based in Japan and he remains a relative unknown in his own home state, according to a feature about Garner in Dig magazine's May 14 edition.

The international success of Garner's album, "I Am," has afforded him a number of opportunities to find an audience closer to home, like a spot on MTV's upcoming competitive singing show, "Copycat." He's also opened for several nationally touring acts in the states, including Trey Songz and Fantasia, according to his website.

In the last several months, Garner has received offers to be in a number of movies and music execs came knocking. He's also working on a new EP, entitled "7," which he crafted over a week of writing with the goal to produce exactly one song per day as organically as possible.

First, according to the report, he'll have to head out on a tour of Japan, but he has every intention of making a name for himself back home and helping others do the same through workshops and mentorship.

"The labels are calling now. Now everybody is like, 'Who is Justin Garner?' So now I know it's time for me to go and venture out into the music world. And I deserve it," he told Dig. "After having the number one album in Japan, it's time for me to basically claim that success here in the United States."

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