Justin Announces Into the Wild EP


R&B/Pop singer/songwriter Justin Garner announces his new EP Into the Wild set to be released on June 16. The 7-track EP is available for pre-order on iTunes. With the pre-order, fans will receive two instant gratification tracks including “Sexy and Savage”, and the soulful love ballad “How to Love a Woman.” This May, Justin released “Sexy and Savage” the instant radio-ready R&B flavored first single from Into the Wild which was premiered by Apple Music. The song features production by New Orleans producer Justen Williams. The single serves as an introduction to the new sound of Garner’s music.

Justin uses the influence of his favorite artists like Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, and Bruno Mars to craft his own young and fresh vibe, creating a unique sound that conveys emotion and soul. “The album represents my growth from boy to man. Musically, this is my most soulful and R&B body of work yet,” says Garner in regards to the album. “I’ve taken all of my experience with love and life and ventured into the wild to explore new musical territories. It was crucial to connect with my listeners in the most direct and intimate way possible. Thus leading to me returning to my R&B roots, where it all began.”

Justin Garner was introduced to the world in multiple mediums. First, via the stage of MTV’s singing show, Copycat. Second, on iTunes R&B/Soul charts in Japan as he knocked Beyoncé herself from the #1 spot. Although featured in many forms of music media, he has been signing since the tender age of eleven. He vividly recalls singing “Silent Night” at his church for the very first time. “I knew at that very moment that the gift of music was within me,” explains Justin.

Garner grew up listening to his mother’s old vinyls of The Commodores, Michael Jackson and more but had no idea that one day he too would share his talent with the world. After falling in love with the melodies and chords, Justin found himself recreating the chords and melodies and altering the lyrics to fit his thoughts and feelings. “At that age of course, I didn’t really know much about the content of what they were saying in the music so I used to rewrite the lyrics and sing what I felt. This is ultimately how I began songwriting as a child,” Justin recounts.

Fast forward to today. Garner is busy captivating listeners via social media through covers of popular artists. His most recent cover of “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars has thousands of views and hundreds of shares on Facebook and YouTube. His anticipated EP Into the Wild will be released on June 16, with a slew of appearances and performances to coincide with the project’s launch. The future is bright for this Baton Rouge native.

Track List
1. Heartbreakers Club *
2. Sexy and Savage *
3. How to Love a Woman *
4. Nothing Comes Between Us ***
5. Perfect Tragedy **
6. Work for It *
7. Castle **

* Produced by Justen Williams
** Produced by Shaun Andrew
*** Produced by Cedric Ivory