Baton Rouge-area native knocked Beyonce out of No. 1 spot on iTunes charts in Japan
— / The Times-Picayune
We all know Timberlake, and of course we know Bieber, but now it’s time to know the next Justin on the pop scene, Baton Rouge’s own Justin Garner
— 225 Magazine
Touring with Trey Songz and outselling Beyoncé are just two accomplishments that are pushing pop singer Justin Garner to the forefront of the music industry. His ability to wrap so many genres inside his R&B and pop melodies even have people around world taking notice.
— The Drum News
Is there any singer alive who can make romance sound as epic as Justin Garner?
— DJ Booth
When area pop singer Justin Garner says he’s big in Japan, he means it. When recorded his album I Am, he wasn’t aware that the words “number one” would soon follow the title.
— Dig Magazine
Baton Rouge’s Justin Garner wins MTV’s ‘Copycat,’ and opportunities come knocking
— Chelsea Brasted (The Times-Picayune)